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ZAPFUNDZ™ GREEN Stain Remover Pen


The ZAPFUNDZ™ Green Stain Remover Pen uses green, non-toxic and natural cleaners to instantly ZAP™ out over 30 types of stains. The ZAPFUNDZ™ GREEN Stain Remover Pen is the only DfE certified stain remover pen on the market. Using it's natural cleaners, the ZAP™ Pen removes and helps prevent many common stains from becoming permanent, including:

-Maple Syrup
-BBQ Sauce
-Tomato Sauce
-and More!

To remove a stain, simply apply the ZAP™ pen tip to the stain and rub from the outer area stain an work inward, and in as little as seconds the natural cleaners will break down the stain right before your eyes.

ZAP™ Stain Remover Pen uses only non-toxic, natural cleaners and is safe to use on all color fast fabrics.




ZAPFUNDZ™ ZAPSpray Hand Sanitizer

ZAPSpray is an on-the-go hand sanitizer contained inside of an convenient spray pen. Just spray on your hands and kill 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds!

-Compact, convenient, and cost-effective - Perfect for travel - Under 3 oz!
-Use on Door Knobs, Toilet Handles and Shopping Carts!
-Just a few quick sprays, and a couple of napkins, sanitizes your table at your favorite diner, coffee shop or fast food restaurant!
-Get noticed by displaying on counters and desks with the ZAPSpray Bucket Kits
-ZAPSpray is light weight and it fits in any size pocket or bag!
-80 to 100 sprays per ZAPSpray
-Huge sellers in schools and club, especially during the flu season
-Recyclable and fully complies with current FDA regulations



ZAPSpray is also available in a 50 ct bucket.