ZAPFUNDZ™ was created as a way of helping organizations enhance their fundraising efforts by allowing them to use our products and websites free of charge. Basically we took our years of retail expertise and applied it to fundraising with an environmentally conscious twist. With this idea in mind, we designed the ZAP™ Stain Remover Pen, the first product in its category to be certified by the U.S. EPA as GREEN under their DfE program.

Then, as a reaction to school health issues, we followed this up with the ZAPSpray Hand Sanitizer - a safe and effective, pocket sized germ controller. With these two products in hand we developed a simple program where fundraisers could sell these products just like they have sold candy bars and cookies for years and enjoy returns of 50% or better. Once this base was established it was a natural step to develop an internet based fundraising program where not only could an organization register and order fundraising products in minutes, but also where they could earn perpetual returns from purchases their supporters make from their ZAPFUNDZ™ store. As the store began we concentrated on our two premier items, the ZAP™ Stain Remover Pen and the ZAPSpray Hand Sanitizer. Then, from this base, we began to expand the products to include other green products, promotional merchandise and high margin items.

While we will always strive to find GREEN products first, we will also seek out socially acceptable items which offer supporters a good value along with always returning at least 20% of the selling price back to the fundraising organization. It is our goal to continually enhance the fundraising efforts and experience of our ZAPFUNDZ™ partners and we hope you enjoy our websites, products and programs.

Thank you!